Millet is a tasty grain with a slightly sweet and nutty flavour. This highly nutritious grain is gluten free and non acid forming which makes it easy to digest. Millet is most commonly used in cooked cereals and baked goods.


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Millets are a group of highly variable small-seeded grasses, widely grown around the world as cereal crops or grains for fodder and human food.

In a 100 gram serving, raw millet provides 378 calories and is a rich source (20% or more of the Daily Value, DV) of protein, dietary fiber, several B vitamins and numerous dietary minerals, especially manganese at 76% DV. Raw millet is 9% water, 73% carbohydrates, 4% fat and 11% protein.

People affected by gluten-related disorders, such as coeliac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and wheat allergy sufferers, who need a gluten-free diet, can replace gluten-containing cereals in their diets with millet. Nevertheless, while millet does not contain gluten, its grains and flour may be contaminated with gluten-containing cereals.

It is a common ingredient in seeded bread.

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