Cranberry & Apple, Nutty, Honey Shortbread, Fruity and Granola with seeds

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Cranberry & Apple Ingredients : Rolled oats , bran flakes , brown sugar, water,blended seed oil, sunflower seeds, vanilla essence, salt,apple,cranberries(Sugar,sunflower seed oil) Allergens- Gluten , So2

Nutty Ingredients :Rolled oats, bran flakes, brown sugar, water,blended seed oil,sunflower seeds, vanilla extract ,salt, raisins,cashews, almonds
Allergens -tree nuts, gluten,so2

Honey shortbread Ingredients : Rolled and quick oats, shortbread, rice crisps,cornflakes,brown sugar, syrup,blended seed oil,water,starch,honey,flavour,lactic acid ,almonds
Allergens – Tree nuts, gluten,cows milk.

Fruity Ingredients :Rolled & Quick oats, blended seed oil, sesame and sunflower seeds, banana chips(coconut oil,sugar,banana flavor,honey)cranberries(with sugar&sunflower oil)raisins with sunflower oil, brown sugar, water,lecithin(soya)colourant and coconut.Allergen-gluten,soya,so2

Granola with seeds ingredients:Rolled and quick oats ,sesame and sunflower seeds, blended seed oil, brown sugar,water,lecithin(soy)colourant. Allergens :Gluten and soy

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Cranberry&Apple, Nutty, Honey Shortbread, Luxury, Fruity, Granola with seeds


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